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Thinking about polio

A photograph from Grady Hospital in Atlanta, GA (c.1940s) provides a glimpse into the experience of polio during America's mid-20th century. From the Digital Public Library of America, courtesy Georgia State University Libraries Special Collections, via Digital Library of Georgia.

When Pandemics End

A New York Times' headline from November 9, 1918 highlights one of the ways the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919 changed people's lives, and shaped their future.

A woman with dark hair pulled into a tight bun on the top of her head smiles at the camera.

Christmas Contagion

Children's book author and illustrator, Patricia Polacco, 2017. Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

A crowd of people at a protest. Some wear t-shirts that read "ACT UP," and carry signs that say "Silence equals Death."

World AIDS Day

Eugene Gordon, ACT UP activists at Pride March, 1988. The New York Historical Society Library.

 Black and white photo of seven people seated at a table with a white tablecloth.

Pandemic THanksgiving

Photograph of Hellen Keller [center] attending a Thanksgiving Dinner in Palawoo, California in 1918 with the Kingsley family, in the midst of the 1917-1918 influenza pandemic. The Helen Keller Archive.

 Six people pose in front of a building, three are in wheelchairs.

Susan O'Hara

Susan O'Hara [far right] with students in front of the U.C. Berkeley Disabled Students Program building, three are in wheelchairs, one is on crutches and two are standing. 1987. The Bancroft Library.